Lingokids: Growin' Up! —Discover dream jobs!

How to Become an Actor

September 02, 2022 Host: Emily Calandrelli. Guest: Lilly Bartlam. Script: Sabrina Walasek. Sound Design: Juan Delgado. Season 1 Episode 1
Lingokids: Growin' Up! —Discover dream jobs!
How to Become an Actor
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What happens if you forget your lines? Why do people tell actors to "break a leg"? In this episode, we go backstage to learn the ins and outs of acting. Join us as our host Emily Calandrelli meets Lilly Bartlam, a teen actress who started acting when she was just 5 years old!
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Speaker: When I grow up I want to be an actor.

Speaker: What does being an actor mean to you?

Speaker: I think if an actress plays a queen, she has to wear fancy dress. If you're an actor, you have 100 Spiderman costumes in your wardrobe. When I grow up.

Speaker: I want to be a pilot with a uniform white always flying high up in the sky.

Speaker: When I grow up.

Speaker: Want to be a firefighter putting out flames, or maybe up police officer keeping people safe. It's so fun to learn what you can be growing up. Growing up.

Speaker: When I grow up

Speaker: I want to be an artist that paints portraits. I want to be a scientist that does experiments. Also many people you will meet growing up, growing up.

Speaker: Growing up.

Speaker: Growing up.

Speaker: Hi, and welcome to Growing Up with Emily, a Lingokids podcast helping amazing kids to grow up and be even more amazing. Emily, it's me. As a kid, I was always asked, "What do you want to be when you grow up?" I wanted to be so many things. Does that sound familiar? Then I'm glad you are listening because you are going to find out what it takes to be anything you want. Are you ready to make acting your superpower?

Speaker: Growing up, growing up. Growing up. Lingokids.

Speaker: Today we're shining a spotlight on one of the coolest places a grown up works, a theater. As you can hear, it's busy behind the stage. Have you ever seen a play? If you've dreamed of being an actor when you grow up, you won't want to miss this episode. Today we're going to meet a real actor. Right now, she's getting ready in her dressing room. Before we meet her let's look around.


Did you know that in ancient times only men could act?

Speaker: What?

Speaker: What?

Speaker: I know, right? Men acted the men and women characters. Thankfully, now, anybody can be an actor on stage in front of a live audience or in front of a camera for TV shows and movies.

Speaker: On action.

Speaker: Of course, you must have talent and a lot of training. That means practice, practice, practice. Right now we are backstage behind the curtain. The theater is dark and the lights are shining on the stage. Hey, here's a joke. What did the thief steal on the play's opening night?


The spotlights. [chuckles] I guess I'll just take to being Emily.


The music is telling us that the show is about to begin. Oh, excuse me. Oh, leads answers. Need to go on stage. Let's get out of their way. Break a leg.

Speaker: Huh?

Speaker: Don't worry. It means good luck. Back in the old days to break a leg meant to bend down a one knee after a successful performance to receive the audience's applause and roses tossed on the stage.

Speaker: Oh.

Speaker: I know. It's weird. Anyway, while the dancers practice, let's go to the dressing rooms. Oh, here are some actors. One is having his makeup applied. Ooh, he's being made to look like a lion, and this actor is putting the final touches on her costume. Let's interview the star. Are you ready to meet a real actor?

Speaker: Yes.


Speaker: The name on the door says Lilly Bartlam. Hi, Lilly. I'm with Lingokids. We want to find out what it takes to be an actor. Can we ask some questions?

Speaker: Yes. For sure.

Lr: Lilly, you are our very first guess, and we have so many questions for you. Can we start first with how many movies and cartoons and shows you've appeared in or participated in as a voice talent?

Speaker: I would say probably 20 or 30.

Speaker: That is quite a lot. You've been nominated for some prestigious awards too.

Speaker: Yes. I have been. I've been nominated for two Canadian screen awards and two actor awards. I'm very proud of those accomplishments.

Speaker: Whoa, how old were you when you decided you wanted to be an actress?

Speaker: I decided I wanted to be an actress when I was five years old. I saw my older sister doing some shows, some theater shows, and I remember seeing her on stage and I was like, "This looks so cool." I auditioned for my first show when I was five years old and I bucked it with my sister. I just kept on going from there. I've had so much fun.

Speaker: It might be an interesting fact to know that Lilly is 16 years old now.

Speaker: Yes

Speaker: Wow.

Speaker: You have already had a career many actors can only dream about. What are three things all actors need?

Speaker: I would say one thing an actor needs is to be able to memorize. You need to memorize a lot of lines. You'll get your script the night before. It's a skill that you have to build up, but you have to be able to memorize. The second thing I would say is you have to be able to speak clearly and loudly, so your audience can hear what you're saying and understand you. I think that's a very important, as well as making your audience believe that you are somebody or something that you're really not.

Speaker: That's very good advice. Very interesting. We've also received some questions from our Lingokids listeners.


Speaker: What roles have you played.

Speaker: I am sky on PAW Patrol, which is such a fun show. In film and TV, I play a girl named Kelly Darnell on Detention Adventure, which is a super fun show. I am Gwen on Total DramaRama. I would say those are three roles that I have really had fun playing.

Speaker: We just learned that only men used to be actors. They even played women. Have you ever played a man character?

Speaker: Well, on a few of my shows, I have had to play like background people because they need like filler voices for crowds or something. I actually have had to play like little boys or old ladies which has been super fun. It's a different thing going from a little girl to a little boy. It's fun. I really enjoy doing that. It's a very different thing.

Speaker: I am often told that I am shy. Do you think shy people can be actors?

Speaker: Oh, for sure. When I was little, I was very, very, very shy where I would hide behind my mom's leg all the time. I had trouble speaking to people. If someone were to ask me a question, I would just giggle. I think acting is something that if you are shy, it really helps break you out to your shell and helps you overcome that.

I think I have come a long way and I'm very comfortable speaking to people now. That's not something that I really have to worry about anymore, when it was something that my parents were very concerned about when I was little, like how shy I was. I think acting is a great way to overcome that. I'm very thankful to acting.

Speaker: Have you ever forgotten what to say?

Speaker: Oh, for sure. I feel like this is something that happens a lot where you'll just blank and freeze up or-- I think you just have to roll with it. I improv and make it. Most of the time we have to redo it but I just try to roll with it.

Speaker: What do you like best about being an actress?

Speaker: I would say I love playing different characters and being someone that's totally not me. I think it's such a cool thing that I'm able to do. I also love being able to see-- The shows that I'm in, all these little kids have, let's say, like sky t-shirts or sky backpacks. It's so cool that something that I love doing is something that kids love and it's just a very cool thing. It's a full circle moment that I think is so neat.

Speaker: Do you think that this is what you'll do forever?

Speaker: I would love to. One of my favorite things in this world is acting. If I could continue doing this for the rest of my life, I would be so happy. [music]

Speaker: Lilly, it would be great if you could share a few tips. What can kids do now while they're still growing up to become a theater actor or an actor like you?

Speaker: Getting yourself out there, getting immersed in as many things as you can, because what makes you unique is what can get you far. If your favorite thing right now is karate, and you're starting to be interested in acting, keep on going with karate, because that could be something in the future that sets you apart as it makes you unique. I think acting's one of those things that if you have lots of passions, you can combine all those things with acting.

I think that's so cool. Just continue doing what makes you unique and start doing tongue twisters just to help you speak clearly and be right at the tip of your tongue. Here's one. High roller, low roller, lower roller.

Speaker: High roller, low roller, lower roller.

Speaker: A little bit faster.

Speaker: High roller, low roller, lower roller.

Speaker: High roller, low roller, lower roller.


Speaker: Lilly. Thank you so much. We wish you the best in your acting career. I am sure you've inspired some of our listeners.

Speaker: High roller, low roller, lower roller.

Speaker: We hope you've enjoyed this episode of the Growing Up podcast. Try putting on a play at home for your family or friends. Remember you're growing up each and every day. Subscribe to the show to make sure you are here for the next episode. When we meet a dancer who will knock your socks off.

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It's so fun to learn what you can be, growing up, growing up. So come and join us. Come everyone so we can learn while having lots of fun, because it's so fun to learn what you can be. Yes, it's so fun to learn what you can be. Growing up, growing up. Growing up. Lingokids.

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