Lingokids: Growin’ Up - Professions & Jobs for Kids

Happy Holidays from Growin' Up

December 30, 2022 Host: Emily Calandrelli. Story by Sabrina Walasek. Sound Design: Juan Delgado. Season 1 Episode 18
Lingokids: Growin’ Up - Professions & Jobs for Kids
Happy Holidays from Growin' Up
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As the year comes to a close, we want to look back at all the amazing stories our guests have shared and remember a few things that can help us as we continue our Growin' Up journey.
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We'll be back on January 13, 2023. Until then, happy holidays from the Lingokids team and Emilly Calandrelli!
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Speaker: Lingokids.

Speaker: Can you believe it? 2022 is coming to an end.

Speaker: We sure have done a lot of growing up.

Speaker: We still have more to do.


Speaker: As the year comes to a close, let's reflect back on some of Growing Up's, brightest moments, and share the gratitude we feel for all the growing-up opportunities we've had. We've met so many amazing people doing amazing things.

Speaker: It's so fun to learn what you can be, growing up, growing up.

Speaker: No matter if your holidays are spent on a warm sandy beach, or on a snowy hilltop. This time of year is when we tend to slow down and look back on events, and acknowledge where and how we've grown, because we're all growing up in many ways.

Speaker: Even adults?

Speaker: Yes. Growing up is about becoming your best self, and that's true for adults too.

Speaker: Emily, what did you learn from our Growing Up guests?

Speaker: It seems our guests have one thing in common-- That living a life with purpose is powerful. [crosstalk]

Speaker: When I was seven years old, I decided I wanted to go to space--

Speaker: Would you agree?

Speaker: Oh yes, for sure.

Speaker: I also learned that success comes from lots of practice, and even failures. That's how we grow. Remember CJ, the professional soccer player who was coach for the day?

Speaker: Yes.

Speaker: He explained that when things don't turn out as he plans, when he loses a game, he lets himself feel the emotions, and even cries, then he goes back, looks at what he can do better, and gets ready for the next chance to succeed.

Speaker: -you live to play another game.

Speaker: You live to play another game. [crosstalk]

Speaker: Which interview surprised you the most?

Speaker: I think it was the one with Captain Maria Fagerström, the pilot. Only 5% of the world's pilots are females, and she's a great one. I had no idea that pilots often fly a commercial plane two to four times a day. Captain Fagerström said the views from the cockpit are so spectacular, it's the greatest job in the world for her.

Speaker: Emily, if you could be one of our guests for a day, who would you be?

Speaker: Well, maybe it's because I'm hungry, but I'd love to be a famous chef, like Chef Andrew Zimmer, the celebrity chef who celebrates many of the world's cultures by making food. I'd whip up mouthwatering dishes for all my friends and family, filling their tummies with joy.

Speaker: That would be awesome.

Speaker: Honestly, all of our Growing Up guests are remarkable, I'm so grateful that they shared their stories with our Lingokids listeners. We hope the Growing Up Podcast has not only shined a spotlight on skills you can start to build today, but also inspired you to follow your dreams in the future.

Speaker: Yes.

Speaker: The Lingokids team is taking a break.

Speaker: Yes. The next episode will be on the 13th of January.

Speaker: When we'll meet a real inventor.

Speaker: Right. We wish you all a happy holiday. Let's keep growing up together.

Speaker: It's so fun to learn what you can be,

Growing up, growing up,

Come and join us, come, everyone,

So we can learn while having lots of fun,

Because it's so fun to learn what you can be,

It's so fun to learn what you can be,

Growing up, growing up, growing up.

Speaker: Lingokids.

[00:03:59] [END OF AUDIO]